The Women of Bauhaus

Bauhaus opened it's doors in Weimar Germany by German architect Walter Gropius in 1919. This was in the wake of World War I. It was an extremely progressive school at the time, believing men and women were equal. It was the only art school at the time that admitted women. Bauhaus was shut down by the nazi's in 1933. The school's vision was to reimagine the world by unifying the arts.

It's important to state that even though the school was progressive for the time, there was still plenty of mysogeny afoot, some women being discouraged from some arts and directed towards more "feminine" arts. However, It's pretty amazing that several women were able to acheive greatness in architecture, metalworking, and sculpture, all fields that are sadly STILL considered "masculine" arts.

Alma Siedhoff Buscher

Alma Siedhoff Buscher became an important toymaker and some of her designs are still manufactured.

Artist unknown. Anyone know who this is? email me

Marianne Brandt was the first women admitted to the Bauhaus metalworking program. She became the Metalshop Studio manager starting in 1928, suceeding her mentor Moholy-Nagy.

Annie Albers is known for merging the practices of textile, industrial production, and abstract modernist design. She emmigrated to the US and taught at Black Mountain College.