Workshop: Drawing Water from an Empty Well

I took a two day intensive workshop from Nicole Gibbs through OCAC this weekend. We drew like crazy. By Sunday afternoon I had amassed a large stack of drawings. Our goal was to fill all the walls and we definitely did it. We even filled the walls in the hallway outside.

the final pile

The goal of the workshop and my goals were to practice to art of “letting it flow” — just allowing yourself the freedom to create whatever decides to come out at that moment. We practiced some journal writing, drawing using a set of constraints such as limited time, materials, shapes, and number of elements. We were to leave judgment at the door and generate a large amount of work very quickly.

my work table

The workshop was great fun. There were just 7 of us and we got to play with a variety of mediums and drawing parameters. I’d like to continue the exercises we worked on in class while in my own studio. It really helps to just let some marks come out, without focusing too much attention on meaning or intent. Now that I am out of art school, I put a great deal of pressure on myself to produce something spectacular every time I sit down to draw or paint. This isn’t getting me far and it’s really frustrating. I might just give myself a goal or 30 drawings a month and the drawings can be anything. They can be a single mark on a piece of paper, to a collage, to a sculpted object. I may spend the rest of July revving my engines and see what I can do with this in August.

painting studio

I loved the workshop and I am so very glad I took it. Nicole is great and the whole class was energized. We were all able to just slip right into the groove she’d tried to set for the class. I loved making a big mess and piling up papers. I wish I had better wall space in the garage so I could just fill the walls. Might be time for some studio rearranging. Maybe I need to create a little art cove for myself so I have lots of wall to work with.

torn paper drawings