I taught a class over on the Oakland CCA campus today and saw some school friends (Marcos Weiss, Emily Jan, and Sean). I got to catch a class critique of Leah Glenn’s paintings, which I have always loved. Justin Olerud and Lori Lakhart were having their senior shows tonight so I decided to head over to the SF campus before calling it a day. I stopped by the Electric Works gallery on 8th street and saw some of Michelle Blade’s latest works, then on to CCA where I poked around the studios and said hi to Justin and Lori. It was a painterly day, all four above mentioned artists really know how to push paint around and it was inspiring to see their latest work. November is going to be a slow month for me painting-wise. Maybe I will take the time to think about the state of painting in this fine year, in this fine city and beyond. November is Nanowrimo month, but maybe I’ll make it national art article writing month.

Shoot the Moon
Michelle Blade
Shoot the Moon
53″ x 63″
Showing now at Electric Works Gallery through November 26th.

Justin Olerud
Now showing at CCA, Bruce Galleries, San Francisco Campus

Lori Lokhart with painting
Senior show now through November 1st
Bruce Galleries CCA San Francisco Campus

Marcos Weiss
showing at Milk and Honey in Marin

Emily Jan
Northern Exposure (caribou)

Leah Glen
Senior Show CCA November 10â??15, Bruce Galleries, San Francisco Campus