I have really bad luck with office chairs. I have been through quite a few, from several stupid Office Depot varieties to a few very cute but uncomfortable vintage chairs. The chair I’ve been using for the last year is a wooden kitchen table with a woven rope seat. It’s a great chair and I love it. It’s great for sewing, but it’s not great for sitting in all day long. I’ve been realizing that my current chair is not going to last me through my pregnancy. It’s too hard and uncomfortable. Today we went on a quest to find me a new chair. We went to Portland Office Furniture, a large warehouse full of used office gear. I was very tempted by the $550 Aeron chair but after much deliberation, I went with this gem, a $60 old, green swivel office chair. So far I love it, and I love that it’s another ugly green chair. I have a thing for ugly green chairs. We still have the last one, I just couldn’t part with it. We finally gave up on the broken wheels and just took them off. It’s now a basement lounging chair.

So all hail the green chair!

The new office chair