Yep, I’m 14 weeks and I’m definitely looking pregnant. Things are pretty easy right now. I just get tired. I have funky sharp pains in my belly button and some weird muscle cramps in my lower abdomen when I move the wrong way, or sneeze while lying on my back, not a good idea anymore, even if my knees are bent. I think I’ll just avoid sneezing all together.

I’m proud to say I’ve averaged 12 gym visits a month through my first trimester and while house hunting. Add on 4 yoga classes to that and I sound like a regular gym rat. I WILL be in good shape throughout this pregnancy. I promise you, little one. My hunger isn’t quite as crazy as it was a little over a week ago, but it’s still definitely more strong in my second trimester compared to my first. I’m trying to keep lots of fruit and healthy snacks around.

I’m wearing more preggo clothes these days and finding more and more old baggy items of clothing that are no longer baggy. Happily I have some items of clothing that I refused to get rid of, even though they made me feel frumpy, but now, at least one of them, has turned out to be an excellent and very cute preggo shirt. I’ve been getting maternity clothes donations too. I feel so spoiled to be getting all these hand-me-downs. A definite benefit to having kids after nearly everyone else on the planet has done so.

We went to two parties this weekend. I’m very proud of this. Of course, I had to go to sleep immediately after we got home from each one (and the second one ended at 7pm) but still, I was fairly social and everything. Pretty good for 14 weeks pregnant. Tom is liking the arrangement where he drives there and I drive home. I find that I don’t have any desires whatsoever for alcoholic beverages but I do miss having a nice buzz. Speaking of buzzes, someone toasted my belly at the party Saturday with a loud “Kampai!”. He says I’m going to have a girl. We had just met him 3 minutes before he proclaimed this.

Speaking of gender, I get asked if I know the gender of my baby something like 6-10 times a day. Which considering how very rarely I leave my house, is pretty astounding. So I’d like to publicly announce, No! I do not know! I will not know for a quite a while, please stop asking.

Mississippi curled up next to me and put her ear to my belly last night. Tom thinks she was trying to listen. Maybe my little belly just makes a great pillow. She’s getting a little better at not jumping on me. She still jumps on Tom like crazy. She also seems to like to jump on the cleanest clothed people at the dog park. If you’re in a pink and white dress, she’ll jump on you with her muddy pause. You’ve been warned.

As the baby stuff accumulates, we are getting closer to our moving date. Looks like negotiations for the house are close to completion and the mortgage paperwork begins. I’m nervous and excited about moving into our new house. I love our neighborhood now so I’m starting to get really sad at the idea that we are leaving it. But I’m trying to feel more confident that yes, it actually is going to be our house. Our new neighborhood is good too, I just need to get used to it. Funny how things worked out. Our time for closing is longer than the time we spent looking. When you find what you’re looking for, I guess it doesn’t matter how long you’ve spent looking for it. We may have found someone to take over our rental place which would make the whole moving job much easier. We won’t have to worry about showing the house or keeping it somewhat orderly while we pack. Can’t believe we’ll be moving into our very own house soon. I’ve been looking up info on our future elementary school and imagining stroller walks through our new park.

Tomorrow is my first appointment with our midwives. I’m excited to get that show on the road.

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  1. I totally had those weird cramps. It sucked! If you go to acupuncture, ask if there is an herb. There’s always an herb. Hee hee! xoxo


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