The Auction

Last night’s auction went really well. They had a great turnout. Nearly every piece of art was auctioned off. One piece that wasn’t, was one I really wanted but couldn’t afford. We looked at some of the paintings of Red Ink Studios painters. Really amazing stuff. One guy’s work, Michael(?) Elliman was just increadible. Very large pieces and if I had the money I would have bought one, despite having nowhere to put it. I told Tom, It’s ok, someday we’ll have a bigger house and we’ll be so glad we’ve been collecting all this art.

I got 4 bids on my painting and ended up meeting the person who bought it, before he knew I painted it. That was a big kick. I felt so good that afterwards, we headed down to Magnolia for dinner and drinks. Now I hurt.

I really want to get healthy, but I keep drinking booze. I think I should make our camping trip trip this weekend a detox weekend. I will be drinking hot cocoa instead of beer by the campfire. And roasting marshmallows instead of smoking. Sounds pretty great to me.

Only 1 week left before the Sparkanzoo sale. I am not ready and will just barely be ready in time for it. But that’s what deadlines are good for, right? I will be doing the sale again next month as well.