I’ve been coming up with design journal prompts for my interactive web design class. I sorta liked this one and wanted to share and document.

When we design, we are telling a story. We tell it through visuals, through content, and through the paths we lead our viewers on. When we can imagine a viewer to tell our story to, it can make for a stronger design. It helps us focus on crafting our story.

This weeks journal prompt, I want you to clearly imagine one user who’ll love to use your Project 1 website. This user could be you, it could be someone similar to you, it could be someone completely opposite from you, it could even be a non-human animal or an alien or an amoeba. You get to choose. Really imagine what they are like in their mind. What do they spend their time on? what are their hobbies, clothes, music, favorite foods, books, tv. what’s their personality like. Once you’ve imagined this person. write about them. just a paragraph, three to five sentences. try to have fun with it.