Jolene Kelley website is live

Jolene Kelley is a Craniosacral Therapist in Portland, OR. She hadn’t updated her site in several years. Her previous site was not responsive and while it did a good job of delivering information, it needed a refresh. Jolene was also frustrated that she was unable to update the site other than adding and editing posts […]

Opening Reception for Cavendish May 6th

Opening Reception: Friday, store May 6th, mind 2016, 6-8pm Downtown Portland Oregon (contact me for location) Viewing available by appointment. About “Cavendish” The ultimate slapstick prop, comedic use of the banana can be dated back at least four thousand years. The act of slipping on a banana peel has a knack of producing schadenfreude in […]

Julie Green at UpFor Gallery

Julie Green (b. 1961 in Yokosuka, stomach Japan) wanted to be a stewardess until age four, but became a painter instead. Green’s work has been featured in The New York Times, aWhole Foods mini-documentary, National Public Radio, Ceramics Monthly, Gastronomica, and 7th edition of A World of Art published by Prentice Hall. She has exhibited […]

Racehl Hines, In the Studio with Duplex Gallery

Great Rachel Hines interview with Duplex Gallery. One day I went into my studio, order filled with anxiety and emotion. I couldn’t process my feelings verbally or visually, malady so in a frustrated moment, I began to scribble. The racing thoughts made my hand work very quickly and fervently. I worked with my right hand […]

Quality is Contagious Article in Untitled

My article about “Quality is Contagious” at the Museum of Contemporary Craft is up on PNCA’s Untitled Magazine website. You probably won’t find John Economaki’s precision woodworking tools in your parent’s rusty tool shed. These beauties are works of art in and of themselves. But it’s odd to think that such creations might exist only […]

Dishonest Manager at AT&T store pioneer square PDX

Do not buy anything from The Portland Pioneer Square AT&T store (Activate Cellular) across from the Apple store. They lie to customers in order to sell more stuff. On May 24th, 2012 I went into the AT&T store (Activate Cellular) in Pioneer Square with my toddler in tow and a very loved and beat up […]

Jenna Robertson Studio Visit

I ran across Jenna Robertson’s collage art made from recycled sweaters at Albina Press SE and had to get my hands on one of her squid collages. I took the opportunity to talk to her a bit about her work as I was picking up my new piece from her beautiful, charming Portland bungalow. Jenna […]

Together Gallery Favorites for February 2011

At the Together Gallery on NE Alberta in PDX right now. Betsy Walton and Nicole Linde. The other 3 artists are quite good as well, help just these two artists created work that is right up my alley. Close-up of Timekeeper Betsy Walton Close-up of Timekeeper Betsy Walton An Offering Nicole Linde Once Upon A […]

The Halfway Mark

Today marks week 20 of my pregnancy with our little Juniper berry. Wow! Halfway! The consensus is that I really look pregnant now. I definitely feel pregnant. I get a few good kicks every day and lots of flutters. I wish there were more, they are so reassuring, but I bet I’ll be sorry I […]

Portland Realtor Recommendation for Benjamin Rice

If you’re in Portland Oregon and you’re looking for a great realtor, I’d like to suggest ours. Benjamin was great throughout our entire house hunting and buying process. He made sure we got pre-approved in the very beginning of our search so that if we found the house of our dreams, we’d be ready to […]

December First Thursday in Portland

Here are my favorites from last night’s First Thursday. It was cold outside and traffic was slow early on, though it looked like it was picking up as I was leaving. Maybe I smelled bad. There is some amazing art this month in Portland. Make sure you get out there. Kristen Miller at PDX Contemporary […]