Quality is Contagious Article in Untitled

My article about “Quality is Contagious” at the Museum of Contemporary Craft is up on PNCA’s Untitled Magazine website. You probably won’t find John Economaki’s precision woodworking tools in your parent’s rusty tool shed. These beauties are works of art in and of themselves. But it’s odd to think that such creations might exist only […]

Soundforge at Museum of Contemporary Craft

My first article for PNCA’s online Untitled Magazine is available! Happy birthday to me! It’s about a great audio installation at Portland Museum of Contemporary Craft. Click the screenshot below to read the article. Excerpt: Gabriel Craig has a deep interest in spreading the “gospel of craft.” Several of his projects have centered around sharing […]

December First Thursday in Portland

Here are my favorites from last night’s First Thursday. It was cold outside and traffic was slow early on, though it looked like it was picking up as I was leaving. Maybe I smelled bad. There is some amazing art this month in Portland. Make sure you get out there. Kristen Miller at PDX Contemporary […]

Anna Fidler and David Stein at Disjecta

There’s a great show at Disjecta from November 14th through December 20th at Disjecta of works from Anna Fidler and David Stein. Anna’s very large works on paper are all scenes from Portland Trailblazers basketball games. The surface of the drawings are absolutely covered with topographic map-type lines, dots, and stains. David Stein’s small works […]

Two Anne Wilson Events/Lectures this week in PDX

Anne Wilson is in Portland this week discussing art and craft through Reed college and the M0CC. Both event are free and open to the public. From Reed College website: Chicago-based artist Anne Wilson will be lecturing twice this week in Portland. Wilson is a professor at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago […]

Joe Ryckebosch at Half & Half Cafe

I just love this show. The pieces are made from found photos and frames, and graphics tape. Reading through his Bio, Joe speaks of forgetting and remembering, cast-aways, re purposing, revealing, resurrection, and architecture and morality. I want to call them a re-revery. A seeking out of the once cherrished, breathing new life, revealing hidden […]

PDX First Thursday Highlights for October 1st, 2009

Katie Simpson Spain at the Tyson Gallery katiespain.wordpress.com/ The entire installation was made out of plastic shopping bags. Very very cool. Gala Bent at Half/Dozen Beautiful watercolor drawings More photos on Half/Dozen’s Flickr account. Close up: Linda Hutchins Pulliam Gallery Very intricate, fine line drawings on paper. Like ripples on a pond. And a lovely, […]

Mark Menjivar Opening at Ampersand Next Week

Famous Fridge Photographer Mark Menjivar will be showing some of his photos at the Ampersand Vintage Gallery on SE 39th and Alberta in Portland, Oregon starting next week. Mark’s documentary photographs of American’s refrigerators is a fascinating study of how our lifestyles are interconnected to our food habits. From the Artist’s Statement: You Are What […]

PDX First Thursday Highlights for August

Last night’s First Thursday was a big buzz. So many people! So many hipsters in glitter and boas. Such a great scene. I love this town. Mike Bragg at Ogle Videos, photo studies and specimen jars of rootlike objects. Obsessive detail. Very very cool. Beautiful installation. At The Life Art Gallery. I don’t know who […]