The Halfway Mark

Today marks week 20 of my pregnancy with our little Juniper berry. Wow! Halfway! The consensus is that I really look pregnant now. I definitely feel pregnant. I get a few good kicks every day and lots of flutters. I wish there were more, they are so reassuring, but I bet I’ll be sorry I […]

Portland Realtor Recommendation for Benjamin Rice

If you’re in Portland Oregon and you’re looking for a great realtor, I’d like to suggest ours. Benjamin was great throughout our entire house hunting and buying process. He made sure we got pre-approved in the very beginning of our search so that if we found the house of our dreams, we’d be ready to […]

Martin Kersels Lecture at MoCC Tonight

Martin Kersels is a big man making big art. Most of his sculptures and photographs have to do with size relationships. Human hamster wheels, no rx giant shoes, look giant nests. His works tend to accentuate mass and gravity. Martin Kersels Lecture Series through PNCA 6:30 p.m. Thursday, sovaldi October 8, 2009 The Lab at […]

Two Anne Wilson Events/Lectures this week in PDX

Anne Wilson is in Portland this week discussing art and craft through Reed college and the M0CC. Both event are free and open to the public. From Reed College website: Chicago-based artist Anne Wilson will be lecturing twice this week in Portland. Wilson is a professor at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago […]

Joe Ryckebosch at Half & Half Cafe

I just love this show. The pieces are made from found photos and frames, and graphics tape. Reading through his Bio, Joe speaks of forgetting and remembering, cast-aways, re purposing, revealing, resurrection, and architecture and morality. I want to call them a re-revery. A seeking out of the once cherrished, breathing new life, revealing hidden […]

PDX First Thursday Highlights for October 1st, 2009

Katie Simpson Spain at the Tyson Gallery The entire installation was made out of plastic shopping bags. Very very cool. Gala Bent at Half/Dozen Beautiful watercolor drawings More photos on Half/Dozen’s Flickr account. Close up: Linda Hutchins Pulliam Gallery Very intricate, fine line drawings on paper. Like ripples on a pond. And a lovely, […]

Hayley Barker at Charles A. Hartman Fine Art

Hayley Barker’s solo exhibition at Charles A. Hartman Fine Art is comprised of 10 to 15 watercolor paintings on paper. The paintings are layered with detailed markings and tonal washes, and include imagery from plant life, animal fur and scales, and ambiguously sensual organic forms. The show is on display from September 2nd, 2009 through […]

First Thursday Highlights September 2009

My highlights from Portland’s First Thursday for September 2009 Shawn Cardwell PNCA Faculty Biennial Sculpture made from Legos. Nell Warren PDX Contemporary Art Nell Warren PDX Contemporary Art Anna Fidler PNCA Faculty Biennial Michael Knudson Blackfish Gallery Michael Knudson Blackfish Gallery Also opening tonight was PICA’s TBA Festival. Read my review.

Opening Night at the PICA TBA Festival

Last night’s opening of PICA’s Time Based Art Festival was quite a scene. The walls of once abandoned Washington High School were once again filled with people. Ages must have ranged from 0 to 100. The walls were decorated with colored copier paper and colored rubber band garlands adored the front staircase (works by Kenneth […]

Kate Bingaman-Burt on 20×200

The art website 20×200 is showcasing a limited edition print from Portland artist Kate Bingaman-Burt. Kate is obsessed with her own consumption and catalogs each item she purchases through crisp black and white drawings. Each individual object often includes a little snippet of what she’s thinking or why she made her purchase. consumed goods range […]

Get Lost in The Woods

A new bar and music venue has just opened up in our neighborhood. I’m declaring it the best bar on the planet. Why is it so cool? It’s in an old mortuary. There is a beautiful outdoor patio. There are little rooms and nucs with couches and chrystal chandeliers. They were playing Magnetic Fields – […]