Opening Reception for Cavendish May 6th

Opening Reception: Friday, store May 6th, mind 2016, 6-8pm Downtown Portland Oregon (contact me for location) Viewing available by appointment. About “Cavendish” The ultimate slapstick prop, comedic use of the banana can be dated back at least four thousand years. The act of slipping on a banana peel has a knack of producing schadenfreude in […]

The Halfway Mark

Today marks week 20 of my pregnancy with our little Juniper berry. Wow! Halfway! The consensus is that I really look pregnant now. I definitely feel pregnant. I get a few good kicks every day and lots of flutters. I wish there were more, they are so reassuring, but I bet I’ll be sorry I […]

December First Thursday in Portland

Here are my favorites from last night’s First Thursday. It was cold outside and traffic was slow early on, though it looked like it was picking up as I was leaving. Maybe I smelled bad. There is some amazing art this month in Portland. Make sure you get out there. Kristen Miller at PDX Contemporary […]

Martin Kersels Lecture at MoCC Tonight

Martin Kersels is a big man making big art. Most of his sculptures and photographs have to do with size relationships. Human hamster wheels, no rx giant shoes, look giant nests. His works tend to accentuate mass and gravity. Martin Kersels Lecture Series through PNCA 6:30 p.m. Thursday, sovaldi October 8, 2009 The Lab at […]

Doggy Chronicles: Six Months Together

Dear Mississippi, We’ve been together for 6 months now and I can’t imagine life without you. You are so wonderful, such a face, you could melt the heart of any human or dog. Cats, I think you’ve got some work ahead of you to win them over. I’m so glad you picked us that fateful […]

Nell Warren at PDX Contemporary Art

Nell Warren’s exhibition “Storied” at PDX Contemporary art is a refreshing example of a contemporary twist on the tradition of landscape painting. Warren’s work, with it’s highly calligraphic, tiny brushstrokes combined with large fields of color, borders on abstraction. Her use of muted colors and flat rigid surface, had a calming effect on me, they […]

Opening Night at the PICA TBA Festival

Last night’s opening of PICA’s Time Based Art Festival was quite a scene. The walls of once abandoned Washington High School were once again filled with people. Ages must have ranged from 0 to 100. The walls were decorated with colored copier paper and colored rubber band garlands adored the front staircase (works by Kenneth […]

PDX First Thursday Highlights for August

Last night’s First Thursday was a big buzz. So many people! So many hipsters in glitter and boas. Such a great scene. I love this town. Mike Bragg at Ogle Videos, photo studies and specimen jars of rootlike objects. Obsessive detail. Very very cool. Beautiful installation. At The Life Art Gallery. I don’t know who […]

Chicky Queens for a day — Portland's Tour De Coops

On Saturday Tom and I took a Portland-wide tour of the city’s backyard chicken coups. The Tour De Coops is an annual event organized by Growing Gardens, a non-profit dedicated to creating and supporting gardens for low income families. Each year Tour De Coops finds Portland chicken keepers willing to share their backyards and knowledge […]