I started watching this video series on YouTube, there are 9 of them. I just went out and bought some of my old vinyl on cd or iTunes. I had been holding out for years to find the first OMD record on vinyl again (I sold off all my vinyl when I moved out of the country) and I just think OMD should be on vinyl. Today I needed it, so I just went out and got it on iTunes. I needed some Gary Newman as well, also sadly sold when I left the country. There’s no way I could have carried all that vinyl around with me all those years. So I really can’t be that sad about it. But anyway, this video made me want them all again. I even bought Depeche Mode Speak and Spell.

Before you get sucked into the show, here’s a silly video for a great song off the first OMD album.

Synth Britannia Part 1/9