This weekend we invited over just about everyone we know in Portland. I made quiches, biscuits, and two kinds of coffee cake. We had a great turnout and all the food was gobbled up except for a few slices of cake which I’ve wrapped individually and put in the freezer for those emergency cake needs. It’s so nice to have a home big enough to have parties, our SF apartment was so cramped and hot. We had that big cement backyard, but the San Francisco fog would always cut our parties short. Of course everyone congregated in the kitchen at first, but soon people were spread throughout. Roger and Jen brought their dog Iris and Mississippi was tolerant. I’m not sure she liked the competition for food but she seemed to do pretty well. I heard reports that Liam, the 3 year old, was giving her bacon bits all day. Lucky dog. That night, after everyone left, she continued to whine for food, I think we stretched out her stomach.

the spread

spinach quiche

meat mound


baby carrier brigade

I’m 11 weeks pregnant now and the challenges of the first trimester are fading quickly. I am not as tired. I’m not sure I could have cooked all that food a few weeks ago. I still feel like I got off pretty easy in my first trimester. Not much nausea, and the being tired wasn’t all that bad. It’s strange how fast I’m getting bigger now. With less symptoms, I don’t feel pregnant until I look in the mirror and see my profile. I thought the getting bigger part would be scary but it actually makes me feel more calm. As long as I keep growing, I know the baby is growing.

There were tons of kids and babies at the party. I got some hand me down maternity things and Liam got some hand me down boy’s clothes. I love hand me downs. I’m excited at the prospect that some day it will be by turn to hand things down.

After the party, I was understandably tired and the next morning my back was killing me, I might have overdone it a bit, but today my back in feeling fine. More gym time today then an interview with some midwives. Next week is my 12 week checkup and my genetic screening. Hurray for almost being done with the first trimester.