Ohhhh. Myyyyy. Gaaawwwd. I just had the best brownie sundae of my life.

But lets back up first. A month ago I had a test show some high glucose readings, so I decided to be safe and cut out most sugars and simple starches from my diet. It’s been pretty easy, except I’ve had a really strong sweet tooth with this pregnancy and I’ve really missed sugar. So I decided if the next test came out clean for glucose, I’d allow myself 1 treat, before returning to my healthy, sugar free ways. A brownie sundae was what my heart desired. Yesterday’s test came out clear for glucose and I suddenly became a lady on a mission. I’d heard about the Sugar Cube cart on Mississippi but I went to the website and found out they aren’t open on Tuesdays. So I looked for alternatives. I tried out Pix on N Williams, they are good, but I didn’t get my brownie sundae. In my opinion, they have the kind of desserts that look really pretty, but they leave you wanting more.

This was not the brownie sundae I was looking for:
pix pdx
See, very beautiful, but my strawberry cream thingy was just kinda meh. I felt kinda gypped. I think they must be great at some things, my coffee was very tasty, and their meringue cookies seemed very popular. They are open late so I want to go back with Tom and get some food off their “Scooby snacks” menu. But for that moment in my life, they didn’t deliver the goods I needed. Anyway. Back to the sundae.

I kept thinking about that brownie sundae. So today I said “eff it” I want my sundae and I’m not going to be happy until I get it. At noon, I drove down the street to the Sugar Cube and ordered me up their “Ultimate Brownie Sundae.” The girl smiled a big smile and said she’d call me when it was ready. When I picked it up, she said “hope it’s good.” So I told her this was the last sugar I’d get to have for a long while. I told her about my glucose thing, how it’s probably not gestational diabetes but how I’d decided to just play it safe and cut out all sugar while I’m pregnant. I told her I was taking the glucose tolerance test next week. Turns out she used to be a phleboligist. Is that weird or what? She warned me the glucose stuff tastes awful and advised I pick the orange flavor, tastes like Orange Crush.

sugar cube PDX

Look at how cute it is! That cherry, divine. Um, oh, so good, every bite. Salty caramel sauce, perfect brownie with chewy bits, creamy ice cream, and super cute plate to boot. I was in heaven for those brief moments. Now that was a sundae worth waiting for. I decided I’d allow myself a few visits between now and the baby’s arrival.

I handed my empty plate back in. The magical Sugar Cube lady asked my how I liked my sundae. “Oh My God” I said. “I’m going to have to make this my monthly stop.”
As I turned to leave, she said:
“Come see Momma, she’ll take care of you.”