so many weird dreams

I had so many weird dreams last night. One after the other. In the last one, I was reading my weblog in the future. I was a successful software developer. I seemed happy and seemed to have lots of friends but there didn’t appear to be any art in my life. I was reading about my life in 2008.

Another crazy dream I had was about the bass player from Nada Surf. I was not returning his affections and he started to hunt me down to kill me. I think manyeb I was in the band because I knew the other members intimately. He started executing people n front of me. Close friends and their children. A man in a big bird costume rescued me twice during hot pursuits. I told him he should think about taking his costume off once he dropped me off so that he wouldn’t be recognized. I joked saying “That is your costume, right?” Except for big bird, it was a very gorey and horrifying dream.

Another dream involved Paul Liszewski and a lot fo my friends from Apple. It was a ust a weird social dream. Carolyn Hastings was there too,

The first of the dreams I was on a large ship, some sort of clipper ship or saling ship. I was going to be in charge of the ship for a few hours and had gone to shore one last time to get some Starbucks because I was tired from lack of sleep. Weird!