I’m big. My belly wants to be free. I’ve been adorning it in overalls which are ust about the most genius piece of clothing ever invented. I’m thinking about going all out old man with suspenders look. When I wear my suspenders I imagine I look all cute like Bananrama, I’m sure that’s not reality but as long as I stay away from mirrors I’ll be ok.


I’m having more pains in my belly. They feel like nerve pains and I assume they are from my expanding, growing belly. They never last more than a few minutes. I tried to take it easy yesterday. I’ve been large amounts of packing lately and my body doth protest. No big food cravings other than grapefruit. I can’t seem to get enough.

Oroblanco grapefruit

I’m so excited about becoming a mom. I feel so ready for it. I’m excited about everything right now. We close on our house in less than two weeks. The future looks so bright.

This weekend I did a lot of thinking about growing up in the 70s vs today. My kid is going to have a totally different relationship to music than I did. In the 70s there just wasn’t as much, it wasn’t as accessible. You might own a couple hundred records if you were lucky, and listening to them was more of an event. Now, I have thousands albums, I can shuffle them, play them back to back for hours, listen to them while driving, walking, jogging, anywhere but the pool. In my lifetime I’ve witnessed the rise and fall of the cassette, the 8 track, boom box, walkman, mini dv, and cd. Now I can play my iTunes collection through my living room stereo. I’ve seen the rise and fall and rise again of vinyl. My music collection spans the gamut from bluegrass to punk. When I was young, it was Elton John, Neil Diamond, the Monkees, and from my older brother Pink Floyd, Ted Nuggent, The Eagles. Very limited selection, lots of KFRC on the radio. In the 80s I discovered KFJC and thought the world was a better place. Now I can listen to any radio station in the world with streaming. I can listen to books, learn a foreign language, and watch podcasts for art museums around the world, all without ever leaving my house. Things are different now. I spent all my free time in the record stores as a teenager. My kid may rarely set foot in a record store, they may even be extinct by the time they reach that hang out, drink coffee and thumb through records age.

There is good and bad to this, but mostly I think it’s good. You can still learn deep music appreciation, you can still pour over physical albums while listening to a record for the first time. You can still obsess over lyrics. Or my kid may never get it. They may never care about vinyl or listening to a whole album in it’s entirety, though I hope they do.

I guess my point is, wow, look at all this fantastic accessible music everywhere. It used to be hard to come by good records. Now it’s so easy, and so easy to find all kinds of music you might like. So although I have this romantic vision of the young impressionable Alanna looking for good obscure music, I think it’ cooler now.

Food too, though I have few romantic notions about my past with food. The 70s were an awful time for food. Cooked vegetables meant frozen vegetables. The only Chinese food I was exposed to before the age of 18 was Chun King in a can. I grew up in San Jose so I had lots of fresh cherries, pears, and walnuts, but the only lettuce I ever ate was iceburg and the only tomato I ever encountered was bland and acidic, not sweet at all. So yay food. Thank you Alice Waters and everyone else who helped contribute to the amazing assortment of fruits and vegetables I have at my disposal now.