In the year two-thousand and something or other I got a sidekick cellphone. Remember those? They had this full keyboard that would flip out. You could thumb type incredibly fast and accurately, faster than I can type on my iphone now. They were fantastic. They had a camera, email access, cool apps for taking notes and stuff. I loved my sidekick. The day I got it, I remember walking down the hallway to our apartment and I told my soon-to-be husband “Nice knowing you!” I knew a deep and meaningful addiction was about to blossom. Luckily he still married me, but from that day on, I spent a great deal of time on my sidekick. It was my little friend. I didn’t leave home without it. I hiked and documented France from it by posting photos and text from it. I took copious amounts of notes in undergrad on it. Wrote long letters, made to do lists. I think even back then I considered my sidekick a vice (definition: an immoral or evil habit or practice.) because I knew it was replacing real world experiences, it was allowing me to be a social recluse. I’m shy, but online, in text messages, I’m not shy anymore, I’m a superhero. When my sidekick was with me, I turned into a superhero. Now there’s proof right there some superheros NEED their sidekicks. They are power generators for some. 

Here’s the sidekick, wasn’t it cute?


I have always been a fan of new technology. I grew up in the Silicon Valley. I was born and bred to desire the next new technological advancement in whatever-mah-dos. I used to feverishly await Apple’s new product announcements and loved hear what the new technology department was toying around with. When I worked there, I couldn’t help but pick apart prototypes as soon as they got into my hot little hands so I could see how they were put together. Parts got smaller, features got bigger, it was like magic.

Now, in the year 2015. Our family each has their own ipad, I have an iphone. I am always connected. I get feverish if I’m away from a smart phone for too long. But my thinking is shifting. I’m feeling like I need a break. I feel like I am serving my technology more than it is serving me. I have proved to myself over the last few months that as long as I have access to a smart phone, I will use it. No amount of deleting apps or telling myself what I can and cannot do on my phone will change my habits. The thing is right there, begging me to use it. And I want to. I love it. I love so many things about it. What I don’t love, is the amount of brain energy it takes from my day. Shattered into tiny little, meaningless fragments. The time doesn’t ever amount to much in the way of creativity or learning. It’s not even relaxing. It brings me joy when an old friend posts a picture and I get to feel like I’m right there with them, despite miles or years of separation, but honestly, even those moments don’t happen enough to justify the amount of time I spend scrolling.

So, I went back to the 90s today. I got a flip phone — it’s so cute! I can barely text a sentence on it. I’m not sure anyone is ever even going to call me on it, do people call anymore? It is basically there as an emergency contact for my daughter, and to keep in touch with my husband. I’ve been doing this smart phone thing for so long, I don’t even know what the world looks like without one. So I’m going to go find out. Wish me luck! Also, send me a text because It’s so weird being so disconnected. I need some of your methadone-texts to keep me sane.

This is my new (temporary?) phone. It put me back $5 whole dollars. It’s got prepaid service so I use and refill as I go. I feel like Im in star trek, so I feel pretty darn cool. I would love to talk to you, like in the voice or whatever you call it. But if you call and I don’t pick up, just leave a message because I’ve been trained to be afraid of unrecognized phone numbers and putting people in my contacts on this thing takes FOREVER!


I’ll keep you updated on how things are going, ok? Is it weird that I’m excited?