Random Fall Thoughts

I’ve recently discovered that wheat doesn’t hurt me anymore. It’s been 7 years of almost no wheat. I can’t stop. There are so many things to eat. Everywhere I go, there is something that I’ve missed, and I can just…. eat it. Today I ate a donut. It was SOOOOOO GOOOOODDDDDDDD.

I did hot yoga today. I got tricked into it. I did really well and that surprised me. I thought my arms wouldn’t like yoga, I didn’t have to modify too much and I felt good afterwards. So, who knows, maybe I’ll do that yoga now?

Last night I took my very first ice skating lesson of my life, which sounds like I can’t skate, but I totally can. I’ve been waiting for J to get to a level where I thought it would be good to join. Plus I get to skate for free all the time during the 7 weeks of my class. AND I get three free passes. Want to go ice skating? I really want to show off my skillz to you. I love ice skating.

I don’t miss social media. Or I should probably say, I’m surprised at how little I miss it. Because I do miss a few things. I miss seeing the faces of people I love who are far away. But I really like focusing on my here and now. I wish there was more time for reading. I bet there will be between PSU terms. And that will feel soooo goood.

I’ve missed you and I’m glad that we are on sort of speaking terms, but I don’t know how to start speaking to you again so I’m just waiting until I do. And I’m kind of excited and nervous at the idea that I don’t know what our new chapter might look like. Maybe there’s too much damage done. Maybe our book is finished. Time till tell. I’m mostly relieved that I don’t have to imagine the rest of my life with you totally out of it. Because the thought of that sounded terrible.

Next weekend is Rock N Roll LRC. Liberation rock camp and I’m gonna rock so hard. In the application it asked if I had any dietary needs and I said “Just a steady need to ROCK!”

I’m busy. I’m happy. I’m not that healthy but not that unhealthy. Alcohol is fun. So is all the wheat. I love my kid and my husband a bunch. My dogs are both totally awesome and totally annoying. The end.