rainy saturday

We were going to ride bikes to some place that involves cows and outside pubs but the weather is a little tempermental. Instead we had a nice big english breakfast and walked around town. I picked up a cross stitch book, because lord knows I need another craft in my life. We went to a museum at Jason’s college that had cool illustrations of ships and really amazing book bindings. It inspired me to think about pirate treasure maps and gold leaf and cross stitch.

We came home and I made some pizza dough for dinner then went out in search of groceries. It’s very difficult to get simple ingredients here. For instance, there doesn’t seem to be a drop of liquid form canned or cartoned broth, they only have boullion or powder that you mix with hot water. I went into a korean grocery store. I found really good looking fresh noodles, but what do you do with them if you have no broth? I’m so confused. I also had trouble finding mozarella. Anywhoooo, we will be having pizza. One will be a nice, simple margarita with fresh basil and mozarella, the other will be kale and carmelized onions with feta. Yum!

I had a nice, long walk today and got to enjoy a mint chip ice cream in the park. I think this afternoon I will work on a painting that will involve cross-stitch. Or I might take a nap. Oh, speaking of napping, I had a full night’s sleep last night and I finally feel like a normal human being today. We had a fancy dinner at Jason’s college last night wich involved a gin and tonic (no ice), a healthy quantity of red wine, and a port. After dinner I took sleeping pills, I really wanted to make sure I’d get some sleep once and for all. Boy, it really worked. I woke up once around 3:30 but was back asleep and woke up again at 7, which at this point, is a very respectable time to wake up.