Panic on the streets of London

I was just thinking what a rip off it’s going to be after you get so used to all these pictures, and then I head off to France and you are left high and dry, with nothing more than a couple of camera phone pictures a day. Don’t hate me for that, I will catch you up in three weeks. You can wait three weeks, can’t you? I’ll give you one more set to chew on before I leave.

And Marilyn, the green octopus costume was as much as a mystery to me as it was to you. They just appeared in the street and then vanished just as mysteriously. I don’t know why they came or where they were going to. So maybe the photos are more powerful without commentary.

Today we are off to London to see the Freida Kahlo exhibit at the Tate Modern. Grrr, I just looked at the site again and it’s not open for 3 days. Maybe we can sneak in. Or maybe they will have a soft launch. Or maybe they will make me spend even more money on a Freida Kahlo book. Bastards.

The girls here are very much into the bronzing powder. I think I’m a little jealous. The beautiful orange glow emitting from their faces, reminds me of the Umpa Loompas. It’s a good look, I’m really very tempted.