A Letter to my students

A Letter to my students

Hi Students, I have some important thoughts to share with all of you.  So… I just turned in the final grades. You all pulled off what…

More Good News

Dang it, life is so overwhelming. And I want to start writing in this thing every day. But I feel like I’m on a hamster…

virtual busking

https://www.stageit.com/ this is kinda cool. its like virtual busking for big musicians.

I’m not a cake

What was the last lyric you had to look up online? from r/funny

JQuery’s John Regis on the history

This interview with John Resig outlines the history of JQuery, its humble beginnings, how it grew into JQuery, and how it became a successful open…

Portland Tree Idenitifier

This website tells you what kinds of trees are in our world! What’s growing on your block? https://pdx.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=763ccdb78fc04181b79a0bdee8834ed7

Canadian Indigenous Film Catalog

Canadian Indigenous Film Catalog

Looking to stock up on some new films to watch during your self quarantine? The NFB website has hundreds of films by Canadian Indigenous filmmakers…