Well, pat me on the back

I just did a very smart thing and I can’t believe I did it. I turned down going to see a band with Ukuleles called “Tippycanoe.” It’s amazing I turned down this incredible evening because:

1. I really like Ukuleles and
2. I like to party and have a good time.

I instead decided to stay home to study for my test tomorrow because:

1. Trying to finish my BFA is one of the most important things I’ve ever undertaken in my life (that and being a good girlfriend). It’s a long way away and I need to be disciplined and consistant if I’m going to make it.
2. I’m doing not so good in my class and going out drinking on a Wednesday night, the night before a big test, isn’t going to make that better.
3. my neck hurts and headbanging to Ukuleles isn’t going to make that any better either.

So congratulations to me. I am a sensible and intelligent girl who’s going places in this world. Maybe someday soon I can go see Tippycanoe and I won’t even have to worry about a test the next day. I bet they play more often than I have tests.

Now back to studying!

Oh April

You are in my dreams. April, the month of wonderment, of joy, of freedom and happiness. I think of you every second, of every day. We are past the March hump, only two more weeks to go and I will be all yours. I will appreciate you like no one has ever appreciated a month before. You are beautiful, and you will be all mine. So soon…. so soon.

scooter ouch

On the way to work today, the clutch cable on my scooter snapped. I knew I needed to get a tune up but I rely on my scooter so much, I just never found the time. So now I have no choice but to deal with it. And frankly,it seems like the perfect time and day for it to happen, so I’m happy as a lark.


I feel very quiet today. I don’t have anything interesting going on inside my head. Just quiet. I would like to sit in the grass and watch the branches blowing around in the breeze. I am approaching my work and tasks for the week with the same sense of quiet. Probably a very good thing since there’s a lot on my plate. In two weeks I get a week off from school. I’m starting to feel like life is becomig managable again. I think about the next three years and all the school I have ahead of me and it doesn’t feel as daunting right now. I hope I can finish my AA by next summer. I think I can.

My neck is still bothering me but is now tolerable. I had made an appointment for Wednesday night at my Chiropractor but I just don’t see how I can get there in time. So I cancelled and I’ll just have to tough it out for another three weeks. I hope I don’t regret that.

This weekend we finished organizing our tax crap and dropped off large envelopes at our accountant’s office. What a huge relief.

My Saturday art marketing class was once again very helpful. We went over all of my materials like Bio, Statements, Resume and really tore them apart. Its so great to get such detailed feedback. One woman in the class was scared off by it, now there are only two of us left. Sad because it’s a very useful class and I’d hate to see it go away. For next week I’m supposed to revise my stuff based on the feedback I got, bring in one of my marketing books (little hand printed books I make with paintings and artist info) and I’m supposed to come up with a schedule for the next year broken down into larger and smaller goals. There’s a lot to think about there. I got a pretty good start last night. It felt kind of good to be makig myself a Gantt chart. This is a busines after all, and I should be treating it with equal respect.

I spent a decent amount of time studying for my Western Civ test this Thursday. The rest of my free time this week will be dedicated to studying. I am behind in my latest painting project. I know what I’m going to do but I don’t know when I’ll have time to do it. Might have to postpone work on it til this weekend.


I hurt my neck yesterday. I actually think it was caused by this version control software we are using. There’s something wrong with the server and it takes several minutes per file. I only have 3 hours to get work done on Thursday because of school and I was so tense trying to get my files checked in, that I tweaked my neck. I barely made it through class last night and It hurts like a mofo today. Well maybe I just injured it earlier and it chose to freeze up on me while trying to check in files. All I know is it hurts and I don’t like that. Boo hoo!

Aside from having to gather up stuff for tomorrow’s class, and printing lots of art marketing stuff to go over, tonight we are going to have a relaxing evening at home. This weekend is going to be a bit nuts. Class tomorrow, tax preparation tomorrow night, sunday study for my test, run errands and eat dinner with Jhina’s brother. By the time it gets to Monday, I will need another weekend.

Looking forward to March 31st.

goodbye nice office

I knew it couldn’t last forever. I am getting kicked out of my office with a view. They want to use it for interviewing potential condidates or something. For my final three weeks here, I will spend my time in a large area full of folding tables where it is not safe to leave my purse out. For consolation, I ate a free leftover meeting sandwich. It was soggy, but still free, and free usually tastes pretty good.

My tactless project manager announced to me in front of my team that they won’t be extending my contract. I said that I couldn’t take it anymore anyway. I think this jarred him. Then I clarified that I was taking 4 classes.

I am officially done on March 31st. Then I will die my hair bright pink and take walks in nature. The butterflies will flitter around me and I will sing with the voice of an angel across green, green meadows, sprinkled with a raindow of wildflowers. My flowing dress, will wave in the wind like some sort of flag of freedom, and all will be right with the world.

escape key

I keep hitting the escape key on my keyboard at work, but nothing happens. Shouldn’t I be on some tropical island by now? I wonder where I can take it to get it fixed. Maybe they disabled it when I started.

too fast!

The weekend is going too fast. I had a 6 hour class yesterday, then tom and I went around the neighborhood for drinks and snacks and watched Sean of the Dead. Today we went to a baby shower in Menlo Park. I’m now trying to work on my homework for next Saturday’s class. I don’t have a paper due this week, which is a big giant miracle. I should try to study, but I sure would like to get caught up a little in my children’s book illustration class. I probably won’t. I need to get my artist statement and bio together for next week. Gotta hold on! Just a couple more week’s of work.


I have been at my contract for 3.5 months and have not had my own account logins to vital parts of my job, I have been mascarading as other people. Today I got an email that someone requested an account for me. This tickled me as I have only a couple weeks left here. Here is my response:

“Thanks, wow, maybe I will be come a real person by my last day. Like Pinnochio! I sure hope I don’t get eaten by a whale.”


I had a dream that I was on the jersey shore somewhere, there started to be huge waves. I knew that disaster was on it’s way. All the houses on the beach were made of old, rotten wood and were on stilts. The waves were getting bigger and bigger. They shook the houses so much you had to brace yourself when they hit. I knew that they would soon completely receed and then a giant wave would come and wash us all away. I was trying to get people to leave but they wouldn’t. They thought they were safe in their houses, that the waves weren’t going to get any bigger. I grabbed some stuff and threw it in someone’s truck. We were going to get the hell out of there. But the waves were hard to time. I thought, we will have to wait for the calm and then run like hell. There were horses on fire on the beach. A firetruck came and put them out. I just remember all the water receeding and us running like hell, but thinking “We aren’t going to make it”. Tom was somewhere safe and I was trying to get home to him.


I keep posting things and then unposting them. I found out today that my friend’s wife died. She’s been battling cancer for about a year and a half. I don’t know what to say. It’s just too sad to bare.

Attention Netflix users

Hi, will you do me a huge favor? Please ask Netflix to carry the movie: “The Devil and Daniel Johnston” and help out an independant film. They don’t carry it, and they should, becasue it’s really great. Thank you.

happy place

I’m in my happy place. I’m in my happy place. I’m in my happy place. I’m in my happy place. I’m in my happy place. I’m in my happy place. I’m in my happy place. I’m in my happy place. I’m in my happy place. I’m in my happy place. I’m in my happy place. I’m in my happy place. I’m in my happy place. I’m in my happy place. I’m in my happy place. I’m in my happy place. I’m in my happy place. I’m in my happy place. I’m in my happy place. I’m in my happy place. I’m in my happy place. I’m in my happy place. I’m in my happy place. I’m in my happy place. I’m in my happy place. I’m in my happy place. I’m in my happy place. I’m in my happy place. I’m in my happy place. I’m in my happy place. I’m in my happy place. I’m in my happy place. I’m in my happy place. I’m in my happy place. I’m in my happy place. I’m in my happy place. I’m in my happy place.

another day in paradise

well, it’s another wonderfully frustrating day on the job. This morning my computer was locked. My windows account has expired and no one seems to be around to help me get it back. It’s sort of ok though because several weeks ago, after about a week of trying to get admin privillages to my own machine, so that I can work on my project, Someone loaned me their machine, so I’m pretending I’m them, and they luckily haven’t expired too. Still, I can’t get email or my calendar. Also I’ve been trying to get a working build or a day and a half now. And I don’t really have any hopes of it working any time soon. Everyone is scrambling to get things done and I’m sick and tired of taknig other people’s time. I really want to go now. Maybe it I tap my shoe heels together three times.