We’ve lived in Portland Oregon for one whole year now. In that time we’ve gotten a dog, got pregnant and bought a house. We’ve been busy. Do we like Portland? We love it! This move was a really good idea for us. We haven’t looked back. Strangely I don’t miss San Francisco. I still love it and I think it’s a great town, but I don’t miss it. I thought I would. I thought I’d feel homesick, I don’t at all. I just wish that I’d had more time this year to really explore Portland. There is so much more to see, so many more trails to hike, restaurants to try (thought we’ve tried a very large percentage of them), and museums to explore. Looks like pretty soon I’ll be doing a lot of that with a papoose strapped to me.

We move into our new house tomorrow! My shoulder is sore and I’m tired. I’m glad the moving is almost done. i can’t believe how much crap we have. I’m excited about our new neighborhood and our new, old, glorious house. What a find, I really can’t believe it. I got a lot of things on my hose dream list like a porch (two in fact) and a claw foot bathtub. I even have a tool wall where I’ll get to outline my tools. I’ve always wanted to do that.


Thank you Portland, for being so incredibly welcoming over the past year. We love our new town to pieces. And it’s obviously being very good to us.

Now that we’re leaving our old neighborhood near Sellwood, I’m thinking about all the placeing and things I’d wished I’d done more of.

    Wish I’d…

  • Gone to Mocha Momma’s more often
  • went down to the river more often
  • Had breakfast at the weird gingerbread looking place on Milwaukie
  • Gone to Oak Park
  • Had more pizza’s and music at the Muddy Rudder
  • Done more karaoke at the Woods
  • Gone to the driving range more often
  • Gone on a long bike ride down the springwater trail

I’ll miss our neighborhood, I love it in Sellwood, we got really lucky finding our rental house last year when I didn’t know my way around town. But I’m getting more and more enthused about our new neighborhood. North Portland seems to far away, feels like we’re moving to a new town, and that’s an exciting feeling. It’s also exciting that this is going to be our last move for years and years and years.