As if having a baby wasn’t excitement enough for us, we’re also buying a house. All the cool kids do the baby/house combo so we figured, why be different? We’re in escrow right now on the best house in the whole world. It’s old though, and there are some problems. There is an oil tank in the basement. We were hoping it wasn’t leaky so we’d have time to recover financially from the initial purchase before we had to decommission it and convert to gas, but it turns out it’s leaking a little, which means time is of the essence. The longer we wait, the more expensive clean up will be. The sewer line is also in incredibly bad disrepair. Fun fun. The beauty of this house makes up for these hurdles and considering the age of the house (102 years old) it’s actually in great shape. So wish us luck with all the closing and negotiations and signing away our life kind of stuff. We just saw the house last Sunday and things have been moving very rapidly this week. If all goes well with closing, we hope this house will be ours sometime in March. And if you know of any good moving companies in Portland, drop me a line. Since I’m pregnant, I won’t be moving any heavy furniture.

front of the house

dining room

living room


side porch


  1. Wow – you’ve been busy since you moved to Portland. Dog, house, baby or is it baby/house? Anyway, it looks like Portland has been good to you. That house looks fabulous and I love the kitchen. But I’m a sucker for old fashioned kitchens. It looks warm and welcoming. I hope that the repairs don’t set you back too much but at least in Portland, you can buy a house. We sure can’t do that in SF and those of us on fixed incomes can’t move to a nicer place in the city either. I might be moving up to Portland one of these days so I read your blog with extra attention.

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