Merry Christmas! I hope you are having as magical a time as we are having. Christmas eve we went over to Mo’s house for roast beast and yorkshire pudding. Mississippi again behaved like an angel and was adorable with the two 6 month old babies. She loves parties and behaves very well, even with temptation on every counter top.

Happy Girl

Mo's house Christmas Eve

Christmas eve-eve we drove over to North Portland and had some drinks at the Saraveza and checked out the Chapel pub right up the street. We love this town.


Christmas morning we made some orange julius, which I think is going to become a regular around here. I had made some cinnamon raisin loaves the day before so we could have cinnamon french toast for breakfast. We got lots of great presents including these two handsome robots.

Robots and Orange Julius

Our House Christmas 2009

Christmas Cinnamon French Toast

Our house feels so warm and cozy right now and we feel very blessed to have each other and to have found this amazing little dog. She got her own stocking with a bully stick in it. She proceeded to try and bury it in the couch, and then in the yard. She finally settled down and had a relaxing chew in the sun in our backyard, But not before scraping her nose from all the digging.

Christmas Bully Stick

Today we got up, went to a very delicious breakfast at Lili down the street, then headed to Tyron Creek State park with Mississippi. We took her here once before and although it was fun last time, it seemed like much more of a struggle keeping her under control. Last time she barked at other dogs like crazy and was pulling us all over the place. This time she quietly sat on the side of the trail to get her treats while other dogs or joggers passed by.

Tyron Creek Park

I think my favorite present this year was this great hat. It like like a blanket for your head. It’s been cold around here, there was ice on the trail in places today. I love my hat!

Tyron Creek Park

Merry Christmas!