Laundry Line Communication System

September 26, 2013

Laundry Line Communication System
When any amount of distance is placed between communicating bodies, a breakdown starts to occur in
meaning, message and method. This failure to communicate is somewhat masked by electronic
communications. What would the experience be like to send the kind of messages we send in social media
sites like Facebook but using an archaic, childish form of note passing? This project would consist of laundry
line and a pulley system stretched across the width commons with a message holding device. Blank notes
and readymade messages can be passed across the commons to the student lounge or foundations areas.
Readymade messages are words of inspiration or encouragement gathered from popular Social media
posts. This form of frivolous communication showcases the pointlessness and clutter of electronic
communication by using a more labor intensive means. And asks, why communicate? What are you
communicating for?