I feel like I regained my identity today in some way. I know that sounds weird, but I think I was struggling with a half artist/half web developer identity. I was feeling very DID. But I don’t know, maybe it’s this amazing tea from Red Blossom putting a spring back in my step, maybe this cleanse is really doing something, or maybe I’ve just been out of school long enough now for some of the myopic effects to wear off.

In any case, I feel fantastic. I’m working on a site for Glen, looks like I’ll be doing a really fun site for a landscaping company that I can hopefully do some illustrating for, I’m drooling over scientific illustration books, thinking about css and gauche paint at the same time, Tom and I have started working on our record, and I’ve been adding to my future recipe book by posting to my food blog. I’m busy and happy, tired and content, and I understand I’ll always feel tired because there are too many fun things to do in this world. I’m ok with tired, and am in fact thankful for it. And I’m also feeling better about balancing web development with art because I do really believe code is art, I got that feeling back today and I’m so excited about it for the first time in a while.

Now that the myopia is clearing, I can see the future and it looks oh so bright.