It is vitally important to choose the right autumn day for planting. The best days are chilly and a little drizzly with occasional sun breaks. Don’t wear a rain jacket, but do wear a warm sweater and comfy garden gloves. Use a bulb planter, the kind that makes a perfect hole in the soil.

Choose spots at random around your garden. Dig a hole. Plop a bulb into the hole. No need to place it carefully, it’ll find the sun. Think about a friend you miss. Place a little piece of your pain or sorrow into the hole with the bulb. Cover it up. Repeat.

Gather your tools and return them to the shed, throw your muddy boots on the porch, and go inside. Grab the tea you’d left sitting on the counter. It’s still warm. Enjoy your tea on the couch. Think about the promise of new flowers in spring.