Holy crap

Today was so fricken busy. I had a 13 hour day which involved lumber, oil paint, miter saws, hot wax, gorilla glue, Fed Ex, art stores, burritos and diet coke. I am now up to 15 paintings, almost ready to go for the Saturday sale. I think I’ve cleared the city of all small D ring hanging hardware. I hope I have enough of a stash to get everything wired and ready to hang.

Man, what am I going to do after this event? I’m going to have no burning deadlines, I won’t even have a test for a few weeks. I think I will sleep for a whole day. But probably no, I will probably do some work around the house. It is riduculous now. Especially with so many paintings hanging around waiting to have slides taken, and my art crap everywhere. There are paintings in every nook and cranny of this house. Tom is a very good and patient man for putting up with all my shit (literally, not figuratively) There is shit all over the house, my shit. I sure wish I could sell some of my larger paintings. They are really piling up.

Speaking of, I sent off “The Family Pet” today to D.C. The encaustics are really selling well. Good thing too because very soon I will have 30 more to sell. Ayaaaaaaa! Paintings everywhere.

So the plan is that Friday, all 20 paintings will be ready to go. I will shoot slides of them, plus the other new paintings hanging around as well as digitals and have them available for your curious eyes to behold. Then Saturday they get wrapped up in bubble wrap and wheeled down to 12 Galaxies bar for a fine day of crafts and bloody marys. God I hope I sell at least a few. I’ve been working my ass off. Carol at the studio keeps encouraging me to raise my prices, but I really want to stay accessible, well, at least until next week when I become famous and have no choise but to raise my prices in order to please my past purchasers 🙂