We had a productive weekend getting house stuff done. We’re getting down to more fun stuff like gardening and fixing up rooms. Our house is really coming along and there are moments when I look around and think “we are just too cool for school.” I’m loving Tom’s man cave, it’s looking very cool. He’s almost done painting, he got some very nice ceiling lights this weekend, and I’m making him curtains. All that remains is a carpet installation.

Tom's mancave curtains

I got some work done in the garden. I cleared out some of the compost dirt to make way for three tomato plants. I started a big bowl of lettuce seeds and arugula starts, I replaced the basil plants that was eaten by snails, and I got some hanging baskets for the side porch and planted fuschias in them. I even refreshed Mississippi’s wheat grass container. Yes, our dog has her own supply of fresh wheat grass. The blueberries are budding, as are the raspberries. Can’t wait for some berries!


planted some baskets of fuschias

The giant mound of dirt where the old compost bin used to be is bigger than I imagined. I want to clear some space in the front of the house, along the front wall and use the dirt there for a flower bed, but The digging might be too much work for me in my current state. I thought I could transfer much of the compost dirt to a large keg bucket for now, but I barely dented the mound and the bucket is full. It’s driving me nuts, I want to make that flower bed so badly. So for now, I made enough space to plant the tomatoes. The old compost bin was in the best spot in the garden, it must be reclaimed!

We had a great dinner on the side porch Saturday night and are all blissed out on our house. I think we are the luckiest people in the world.

dinner on the porch

This week I’d like to finish painting at least one wall in my office so I can put up some shelves soon and empty out some more boxes And tonight I’m going to sew up the curtains for the kid room. We looked at Adirondack chairs this weekend and dreamed of sitting on the front porch in the summer heat, watching the neighbors go by. We checked out our local farmer’s market and vowed to make it a regular Sunday activity. We got some asparagus, strawberries, and dried flowers. Can’t wait for berry season.

The weather was spectacular this weekend. Can’t wait for Portland summer and sweet tomatoes from the garden.