Well, the amazing fluke of an early spring is now gone and we are back to very dark, grey, wet skies here in Portland. I don’t think I’d mind them that much if I didn’t feel like I was waiting, waiting waiting so much these days. We get to close on the house in a week and a half (fingers crossed) and I am so bad at this waiting period. I’ve been doing lots of packing, I’m getting down to things I’m avoiding and essentials that we still need. I think we’ve finally acquired all the boxes we need, we’re just short on packing materials, but there is always the Willamette Weekly.

We spent some time in our new neighborhood last weekend. The sun was out and the world was full of glory. We went to Peninsula park and checked out the rec center. We drove to the New Seasons by our house and got some things for dinner plus a quick snack. They gave us some empty boxes. We are liking our new neighborhood more and more. I found a CSA that has a pick up point just a block or two from our house, so I can walk to get our weekly fresh produce. The farm is in Troutdale and the CSA share is for 24 weeks of fresh produce. They seem really nice, I can’t wait.

Penninsula Park

Now that packing is coming together, I’m going to have to get back to my drawings. I’ve been avoiding finishing the stack that I started last week. I run out of energy after dinner so if I don’t do them early in the day, they don’t get done. I had to give into my packing desires and put the drawings aside for a while. I’m behind, very behind. I thought of a couple ideas while lying in bed the other night but they didn’t work out like I imagined.

I’ve been missing the act of writing. I feel like I have nothing to say in this blog sometimes and at the same time I have everything to see. I miss the days of filling my teenage diary up with words, any words that came to mind. It might be time to get back to pen and paper, and let that feed my imagination. I could use some more imagination, more Curious George days where I just wander. Photo outings, long walks. These things will have to wait until we are done moving. I’m itchy and antsy these days. We’ve planned a weekend getaway to Mt Hood after we’re done moving and I’m so looking forward to it. I want to frolic among the wild flowers.

I got a landscaping book at Powell’s yesterday so I can start daydreaming about my garden. Not much is going to happen this year, I’m just excited to discover what plants are already back there, but I love looking through the photos and imagining what I could do. Finally our own garden, that I can add to year after year. Benches! Trellises! Bulbs and trees. All of these things are possible now.