Gratitude – Love

It’s after midnight! So that means I get to post my gratitude for tomorrow (today) and I’m grateful for that!

I’m grateful that my friend sent me a text message response to an “I’m on my way” and she said “Thank you! I love you!” and that made me giggle out loud and kind of blush, and feel all happy about friendship when you think someone is great and you can finally make time to spend more time with them even though you’re an adult and sometimes that’s so hard.

I’m grateful for grading! I love grading! I love looking back through a student’s brief few weeks with me and see their progress and see that I’ve gotten to know each one of them in a “we’ve been through a fairly big project together” kind of way.

I’m grateful that I have a job that even though I have to work on a friday night til very late, trying desperately to get caught up, that the work I’m doing makes me really excited and proud.

I love sleep, and it’s 12:22 so I am going to enjoy some right now.