Hey, what if I posted about gratitude in November every day? Let’s try it out.

I am incredibly grateful that my husband actually heard me this year tell him that every holiday season he turns into an asshole. I say if every year, very matter of factly, because it’s been true, I’ve learned to expect it, but nothing has ever changed in many years to stop him from being an asshole, so it’s more like a gentle, hey, I recognize you turn into an asshole this time every year and I wish you’d try to change that. I never expect him to. But this year, he did! Hopefully for the best for everyone involved. I hope he has a happier holiday this year. I’m grateful at the idea that might be true.

I’m grateful that my husband got off work early to come home and help with Halloween festivities. He didn’t go trick or treating, but he loves giving out candy. So he stayed home and I went out looking for our kid, talked to neighbors, and walked the dogs around.

I’m grateful that I’ve stepped down from one of my positions at my job. Today is the last day. I was spread too thin and it was the most troublesome position out of the three/four that I have there. So hurray for a little more focus on the things I love about my job!

I’m grateful that my kid is old enough to start trick or treating a little more independently and that she is so confident.

I’m grateful that about a month ago, I was an asshole and I recognized it. I was an asshole because I made assumptions about a person that were wrong and I said things that I though were self deprecating, that we were somehow both being self deprecating together. But there’s no such thing as co-deprecating, it’s just called being a dick. I’m grateful that I know that and will hopefully not ever do it again. I’m so devastated that I negatively affected this person.

I’m grateful that several months ago I made other assumptions about a friend and after months of heartache, because I’d broken things beyond repair, that I remembered, oh, I’m an adult and I can occasionally screw up, and maybe it doesn’t mean things have to be broken forever. So I held out an olive branch a week ago. And I don’t know what’ll happen from it, but I’m thankful that I was brave enough to swallow by pride and try. And that I can say “I fucked up and I’m sorry.”

I’m thankful for friends.