I know, this is a weird one to be grateful for. But maybe we can be grateful for anything. I got sick friday night with a sore throat. I drank a bunch of rum and non diary eggnog, it’s a great combo if you have the chokey coughs. I spent most of the day Saturday on my computer, or napping, or reading. I just gave in and allowed myself to not feel bacd about all of the things I had plans that required me to move my body around a whole bunch, like work on my dresser/clothes in the closet, or clean up and organize my office. I snuggled with my dogs a whole bunch and got quite a bit of work done. Today it continues. I feel better but don’t feel like moving much.

Another thing this quiet time has bought me is some time to think about my health. It’s been a challenge for me to take my life and health seriously since August. I’ve kind of been on some sort of protest where the only person that suffers from it is me. I think I’m ready to start now. I signed up for the 100 mile Petal Pedal ride in June, so I have a goal to work towards. I checked my glucose numbers today, they aren’t good. So I need to lose weight and exercise more to get them down.

Anyway, this couple days of sick time have allowed me some time to put some sort of plan together and do some time rallying.