I have had 4 straight days of girl time. Saturday was craft day with Zo, Paige, and Michelle. We made mosaics (photo coming soon!) and ate Zo’s delicious tea and cookies. Sunday I spent with Stacie and Lisa, Traipsing around the city. We drank beer, ate nachos, got mall massages, did some shopping, and had some Pho on Ocean Ave. Last night was a super fun dinner at Esperpento with Kara Jo followed by a beer at the Latin American. Tonight Tom has band practice so I get the place all to myself. I’m going to eat some salad and do some drawing. It’s been so nice to spend time with friends and it’s been good to give Tom time alone to write music. It’s been a decadent week!

This weekend shows no signs of slowing. Friday night Tom’s band, Absinthe Glow, plays at the Hemlock Tavern with our friend Randy’s band, French Disco. And Saturday night our friend Kenny’s band, The Don’ts play at El Rio. Sunday we’ve got Shan Dong dinner plays with Mod. Looks like no rest for the wicked!