fantastic design

Hey, you wanna see a really great website design? Go here.

I’m staying a little late at work tonight because I’ve been spinning my wheels and I’ve finally got a solid chunk of work I can sit down and get done. I want to get it done before tomorrow since I have to leave at 12:30 for my fantastic painting class.

Work is a little frustrating and confusing. I hope the new project I am going on will have a little more human interaction. I don’t work well in a vacuum.

On a positive note, it seems that if I get frustrated enough, I do have the ability to figure things out on my own. I’m writing a bunch of java code all by myself for some form validation. It felt really great that I figured it out all by myself.

I’m no programmer. Well, I guess I am today for a couple hours. But it’s kinda a joke. I couldn’t program my way out of a box with the lid wide open and someone shouting “Take my hand, I’ll pull you out!” I probably wouldn’t understand what the hell they were saying and I’d probably think their arm was just pointing at something inside the box, or maybe a stain on my shirt. And I’d probably think that to get out of the box, I would first have to figure out how to get out of the room. So you see, I’ve got some problems.