Insomnia + jetlag

Mix 1 part jetlag, 2 parts insomnia and a dash of a flu bug trying to infiltrate your system and you have yourself a real grand time. I am so tired, yet my sleeping patterns are so f-ed up. Yesterday I finally gave in and decided to just play sick. I went back to bed at 10:30am (I woke up at 4am yesterday) and slept so hard I swear I stopped breathing momentarily. I slept til 4:30pm and felt much healthier. But then last night, I got in bed around 10:30pm and was up at 2:30am. So tired yet so unable to sleep. I tossed and turned fitfully until 5:50am when I stared down my watch until the little hand hit 12 and I decided I’d tried long and hard enough. Today I’m going to go on as if everything is normal. We have a dinner thing tonight so I have a date to stay up late. I can’t believe it’s Friday already.

Because I’ve been so wiped, Even though I’ve been here three days now, I have very little to report from outside this little house. Just good burritos, good croissants, some quality doodle time and yip yapping with the az. This is my week of respite. We do plan on taking the train in to London for some Tate Modern, tea and bacon sandwiches. I just decided to call sandwiches “wichies”. Today I think we are planning a bicycle trip around Cambridge.

Azure’s stomach has a bumby alien inside and I’m really scared it’s going to pop open and eat us all, especially after it has burrito. We are thinking about calling it Quato.