I went on some sort of domestic rampage today. I bought a new dish rack, sheets, pillow cases, light bulbs, aluminum foil, a new dining room table, a new pillow, and ltos of groceries and wine from Tradeer Joe’s. I was unstoppable. I would have bought a dresser if it had fit in our car and I intend to buy some book shelves before the week is through. I got a great 50s or 60s blue-green formica dining room table. It’s only 24″ x 30″ but has two leafs that extend to a decent sized table. We have a very tiny kitchen so this is a fantastic adition to our house. We had fajitas for dinner and extended one of the leafs. We can now have both dinner plates and say, a owl of bread on the table at the same time. Or say, dinner plates and a salad bowl. No more waiting til the end of the first course to have salad. I can have salad any time I want.

I have this terrible habit of getting up from the dinner table every 5 seconds to get something. Maybe I won’t have to now. And then after we are done eating and can lower the extra leaf, viola! A small, compact table reappears. Now we can have dinner guests over without doing weird plate juggling and balancing. We are living large now.

I should say that getting rid of our old, round wooden table is very sad. It’s a beautiful table and I will miss it. But now I have expandable leafs! and funky