Giving It Away

Giving it away – Seeking Relief in a Money-mad World. Since the 1960s and the birth of minimalism, see land art and conceptualism, drugs artists have been involved in creating works never intended to be shown in a gallery/museum setting. In two manifestations of this idea: street art, and mail art, the artist simply gives […]

Amy Sillman Lecture Notes SFAI 2007

Amy Sillman SFAI Lecture November 5th, 2007 Amy Sillman uses her own invented visual language to create abstract paintings that skirt on the edges of graceful calligraphic expression and noisy, gestural awkwardness. She appropriates some of the formal styles of abstract expressionism and neo-expressionism while leaving the ideological baggage behind. As she said “I’m making […]

Amy Sillman lecture at SFAI tonight

Monday, case November 5 Amy Sillman Distinguished Visiting Painting Fellow 7:30 pm in the SFAI Lecture Hall 800 Chestnut Street, illness San Francisco, CA Free and Open to the public From the SFAI website: Foregrounding color and the layering of color in her paintings, Amy Sillman achieves a striking balance of opposites: spontaneity against struggle, […]

Krauss – The Originality of the Avante-Garde

Alanna Spence Contemporary Issues Seminar CCA Oct 2007 Rosalind Krauss, online “The Originality of the Avant-Garde, capsule ” 1981 Originality in art is fictional. Avant-garde never existed, not in modernist art and certainly not in postmodernist art. It’s ok though, we didn’t need these things anyway. Originality and repetition are seen constantly in modernist work. […]

Clement Greenberg – Avante-Garde and Kitsch

Alanna Spence Contemporary Issues CCA Fall 2007 Clement Greenberg – Avant-Garde and Kitsch This article, ambulance written in 1939, seek attempts to describe the role of avante-garde artists and the emerging phenomenon of kitsch art, check which begins to gain momentum with the expansion of capitalism. Avant-garde artists begin to emerge during the scientific revolution […]

Kerry James Marshall

Kerry James Marshall SFAI Lecture Series September 26, 2007 7:30 p.m. I attended a lecture tonight at the San Francisco Art Institute. Tonight’s speaker was Kerry James Marshall. Here’s a brief paper on the talk. Kerry James Marshall is an incredibly charming and powerful speaker. I walked out of that lecture feeling more confident about […]

Painting As Object

Alanna Spence Minimalism Seminar CCA April 2007 Painting as Object? Monochrome or opaque paintings of the 1960s had much of the same intentions as Minimalist sculpture of the same time. These paintings sought to remove illusionism from painting. The monochromatic paintings of this period employed flat, buy unembellished surfaces of uniform muted colors. There is […]

Tilted Arc: Serra vs Chave

Alanna Spence Minimalism Seminar CCA April 2007 Serra, pharm Tilted Arc, Anna Chave, Minimalism and the rhetoric of power The readings for this week discuss the impact of minimalist sculpture in public places, especially Richard Serra’s, Tilter Arc. Both readings are an interesting perspective into the motivations and social influences that shaped attitudes about Minimalist […]


Alanna Spence Minimalism Seminar CCA 2007 Marcia Tucker Phenaumanology, Yvonne Rainer A Quasi Survey of some Minimalist tendencies…, Michael Fried Art and Objecthood This weeks reading is about process art or art made by an interaction between the artists body and the audience. The three articles discuss the work of Rainer, Morris, and Nauman. It […]


Alanna Spence Minimalism Seminar CCA 2007 Process I (Anti-Object) Robert Morris Anti-Form, Lucy Lippard Eccentric Abstraction This weeks readings take a nearly 180° turn from the beginnings of Minimalism while still building on it’s principles of simplification of form and content in order to emote an instant response from the viewer. The same premises exist: […]


Alanna Spence Minimalism Seminar CCA 2007 Sol Le Witt Serial Project #1 p226-227 Mel Bochner Serial Attitude p 227-229 Buchloh Conceptual Art 1962-1969 (Aesthetics of Admin to critique of institutions * Much of the reading this week discussed working in serial and setting up a systematic approach to art making. Working in serial is a […]

Ponty, Flavin, Judd, Stella

Alanna Spence Minimalism Seminar CCA 2007 Ponty, Flavin, Judd, Stella Mauurice Merleau-Ponty’s article on body and perception reminded me of the short story, Flatland. The story is from the perspective of a being, from a three dimensional world, describing his visit to a two-dimensional world to another three-dimensional being. Ponty’s article brings up the important […]

Stella, Judd, Sontag

Alanna Spence Minimalism Seminar CCA 2007 Stella, Judd, Sontag The three articles covered this week all spoke about the main themes or trends shared by many works of early minimalism or modernism. These similarities included simplification of form and content into the purest or most clear idea. Much of the work focused on emphasizing the […]

Two more to go

Hi kids, I finished my Art History final today and got my paper back. Got an A, of course! I’ve been studying for french and writing my last astronomy extra credit paper, and now more astronomy studying. Nothing exciting here. Here, I’ll share the first part of my paper about Alice Neel. This is actually […]

Womanhouse 1972

We recently watched a documentary by Johanna Demetrakas about the Womanhouse project in my women’s art history class. My class had some surprising reactions that I didn’t expect from a group of liberal San Franciscans. Here is a brief history of the project followed by some of my responses to reactions. Womanhouse was an art […]