Joan Nelson and Joseph Yoakum are Re-visioning Landscapes

ADAMS AND OLLMAN JOAN NELSON AND JOSEPH YOKUM JUNE 4—JULY 11 The paintings and drawings of Joseph Yokum and Joan Nelson re-vision landscapes through memories collected both from place and feeling. Though the artists are 50 years apart in age, and live in different parts of the country, their work connects through their interests in […]

Quality is Contagious Article in Untitled

My article about “Quality is Contagious” at the Museum of Contemporary Craft is up on PNCA’s Untitled Magazine website. You probably won’t find John Economaki’s precision woodworking tools in your parent’s rusty tool shed. These beauties are works of art in and of themselves. But it’s odd to think that such creations might exist only […]

Soundforge at Museum of Contemporary Craft

My first article for PNCA’s online Untitled Magazine is available! Happy birthday to me! It’s about a great audio installation at Portland Museum of Contemporary Craft. Click the screenshot below to read the article. Excerpt: Gabriel Craig has a deep interest in spreading the “gospel of craft.” Several of his projects have centered around sharing […]

Studio Visit: Jeff Mandel’s ExIT Shoes

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Jeff Mandel’s Custom shoe shop in Portland with some friends. Jeff’s shoes are completely and lovingly handmade to fit your feet like no shoes has ever before. The tools of his trade are almost as beautiful as his shoes. Shoe lasts and women’s shoes Cabinet full of gorgeous […]

Jenna Robertson Studio Visit

I ran across Jenna Robertson’s collage art made from recycled sweaters at Albina Press SE and had to get my hands on one of her squid collages. I took the opportunity to talk to her a bit about her work as I was picking up my new piece from her beautiful, charming Portland bungalow. Jenna […]

December First Thursday in Portland

Here are my favorites from last night’s First Thursday. It was cold outside and traffic was slow early on, though it looked like it was picking up as I was leaving. Maybe I smelled bad. There is some amazing art this month in Portland. Make sure you get out there. Kristen Miller at PDX Contemporary […]

Hayley Barker at Charles A. Hartman Fine Art

Hayley Barker’s solo exhibition at Charles A. Hartman Fine Art is comprised of 10 to 15 watercolor paintings on paper. The paintings are layered with detailed markings and tonal washes, and include imagery from plant life, animal fur and scales, and ambiguously sensual organic forms. The show is on display from September 2nd, 2009 through […]

Giving It Away

Giving it away – Seeking Relief in a Money-mad World. Since the 1960s and the birth of minimalism, see land art and conceptualism, drugs artists have been involved in creating works never intended to be shown in a gallery/museum setting. In two manifestations of this idea: street art, and mail art, the artist simply gives […]

Amy Sillman Lecture Notes SFAI 2007

Amy Sillman SFAI Lecture November 5th, 2007 Amy Sillman uses her own invented visual language to create abstract paintings that skirt on the edges of graceful calligraphic expression and noisy, gestural awkwardness. She appropriates some of the formal styles of abstract expressionism and neo-expressionism while leaving the ideological baggage behind. As she said “I’m making […]

Amy Sillman lecture at SFAI tonight

Monday, case November 5 Amy Sillman Distinguished Visiting Painting Fellow 7:30 pm in the SFAI Lecture Hall 800 Chestnut Street, illness San Francisco, CA Free and Open to the public From the SFAI website: Foregrounding color and the layering of color in her paintings, Amy Sillman achieves a striking balance of opposites: spontaneity against struggle, […]

Krauss – The Originality of the Avante-Garde

Alanna Spence Contemporary Issues Seminar CCA Oct 2007 Rosalind Krauss, online “The Originality of the Avant-Garde, capsule ” 1981 Originality in art is fictional. Avant-garde never existed, not in modernist art and certainly not in postmodernist art. It’s ok though, we didn’t need these things anyway. Originality and repetition are seen constantly in modernist work. […]

Clement Greenberg – Avante-Garde and Kitsch

Alanna Spence Contemporary Issues CCA Fall 2007 Clement Greenberg – Avant-Garde and Kitsch This article, ambulance written in 1939, seek attempts to describe the role of avante-garde artists and the emerging phenomenon of kitsch art, check which begins to gain momentum with the expansion of capitalism. Avant-garde artists begin to emerge during the scientific revolution […]