Sou’Wester March 2019

J and I went to Sou’wester Lodge for Spring break. We spend a fair amount of time at Cape Disappointment. Waikiki beach in Cape Disappointment may be my new favorite place. We made new friends, got in fights with old friends (that part sucked), got rained on, sunned on, and sanded on. The dog only […]


During my first trip to France, I went on a walk. I got up in the morning, made a sandwich, packed an apple and a bottle of water, and I headed out on an adventure. I walked from Caunes-Minervois to Citou, the next village over, along the two-lane road. The walk along the road took […]

Baby stompers

Well, I went and got myself some deep red 14 hole Dr. Marten’s. I didn’t mean to, it just sorta happened. They were on sale! Don’t look at me like that! Yah know, my ankles get cold on that scooter and well, it’s nice to have a pretty pair of boots to wear with skirts […]


Today we went to Grantchester to see some cows and grass and river and beer. Only I didn’t have beer, I had french fries and bread pudding with ice cream. Let me tell ya, that’s about the best lunch a girl could ask for. There were many kitties and frogs in our adventures today as […]

rainy saturday

We were going to ride bikes to some place that involves cows and outside pubs but the weather is a little tempermental. Instead we had a nice big english breakfast and walked around town. I picked up a cross stitch book, because lord knows I need another craft in my life. We went to a […]

Insomnia + jetlag

Mix 1 part jetlag, 2 parts insomnia and a dash of a flu bug trying to infiltrate your system and you have yourself a real grand time. I am so tired, yet my sleeping patterns are so f-ed up. Yesterday I finally gave in and decided to just play sick. I went back to bed […]