The library

The library

This is a really easy to use css library that adds motion to your website with just the addition of a classname and the inclusion…

Unsplash Expands its Libraries

Unsplash Expands its Libraries

This is so cool!!!! Unsplash now gives you easy access to awesome image libraries like: New York Public Library of Congress Geological Survey Mind blown.…

A Good Markdown Cheat Sheet

As we build out our site infrastructure and document our development process in our github wiki, I’ve been learning a lot about Markdown. I’m loving…

What the heck is a full stack developer

This is an interesting high-level overview of what a full-stack developer roll looks like.

Termina plug-ins for sublime

  I’m using Sublime and iTerm. I like iTerm a bunch, I like Sublime a bunch, but I’m thinking about keystroke conservation… For now I’m…

Easy htpasswd instructions

I always have to look up how to do this. Dreamhost made some great, clear instructions.