.htpasswd instructions

It seems I always need to restrict access to a website directory when I’m under extreme duress. I found this handy page and I hope I remember to check my blog next time I need it. Even better, this php script does it for you.

css li spacing problem fixed

Sorry, geek post about css. Let’s say you have a bullet gif that is 6 pixels high and you want to align it to your text in your bullet item. If you line it up right in ie, it won’t be right in firefox. This problem has been troubling me for years. I found a […]


Liz sent me a link to a page on the zeFrank site and I think we all should spend some time with ze today. Especially the animal noises page.

I been busy jugglin’ and shit

I’m getting over a cold. It mostly just made me really cranky and mad. Now I seem to be mostly ok. Today was busy for being so sniffly. I painted my dinosaur. Here he is in just newspaper. As of now he is covered in paper pulp and painted in a patchwork of pinks, blues […]


I hurt my neck yesterday. I actually think it was caused by this version control software we are using. There’s something wrong with the server and it takes several minutes per file. I only have 3 hours to get work done on Thursday because of school and I was so tense trying to get my […]

escape key

I keep hitting the escape key on my keyboard at work, but nothing happens. Shouldn’t I be on some tropical island by now? I wonder where I can take it to get it fixed. Maybe they disabled it when I started.


I have been at my contract for 3.5 months and have not had my own account logins to vital parts of my job, I have been mascarading as other people. Today I got an email that someone requested an account for me. This tickled me as I have only a couple weeks left here. Here […]

yeah, IĆ¢??m a gadget geek

So, this week, Bradley told me to get a Flickr account and a Technorati account. Flickr is cool. It’s much cooler than I ever imagined it could be. You can take pictures from your camera phone and they will get posted directly to your weblog. Now this got me thinking. When I am in France, […]

school day

You know that elated feeling you had on the last day of school, when you walked off campus for the last time and were so full of joy to be free? That’s the feeling I get on Thursdays when I leave work to spend the day at school. I feel like singing “School’s out for […]

fantastic design

Hey, you wanna see a really great website design? Go here. I’m staying a little late at work tonight because I’ve been spinning my wheels and I’ve finally got a solid chunk of work I can sit down and get done. I want to get it done before tomorrow since I have to leave at […]

spam craigslist, go to jail

Spammers who take advantage of people posting on Craigslist make me soooo mad. I just responded to a spammer with this email: I specifically checked a box on my ad that it is NOT OK to contact me about other offers. This means YOU!!! You aren’t going to make any friends by responding to ads […]

displaytag message board

I’ve been struggling with displaytag and I just found this very useful mail archive: Displaytag-devel. There aren’t a whole lot of resources out there so every little bit helps.

sending html email with php

Note to self: Look at this later. Maybe I can set a spam cannon up so I can send art spam from a better emaill address. How to send an HTML e-mail from a PHP script and if I get too lazy, case I could just pay to use: http://www.mailchimp.com