The Tech Gender Gap: The Lack of Women Coders and the Movement That’s Fixing It

I recently wrote an article about the lack of women coders. Women programmers are almost as rare as unicorns. Take a peek into any developer meeting and you’ll most likely find one or two women surrounded by room full of men. It’s a subject that has been passionately investigated by many institutions and organizations, but […]

About Eliza

ELIZA is an early natural language processing computer program created from 1964 to 1966[1] at the MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory by Joseph Weizenbaum.[2] Created to demonstrate the superficiality of communication between man and machine, Eliza simulated conversation by using a ‘pattern matching’ and substitution methodology that gave users an illusion of understanding on the part […]

Seattle Times: Women game developers fight sexism in industry

Susan Kelleher, staff writer for Pacific NW Magazine writes about the current state of extreme sexism in the gaming industry and gives a hopeful look towards the future. “Gaming culture has been pretty misogynistic for a long time now,” says Edwards, 50, a lifelong gamer and developer who worked on Microsoft’s Halo. “There’s ample evidence […]

Free Hour of Code Workshops Dec 5-11 2016 at Apple Stores

Thank you Apple! During the holidays, ask December 5th through 11th, Apple stores will be offering a Free Hour of Code Workshop. Cupertino, California — Apple today opened registration for Hour of Code workshops at all 487 Apple retail stores worldwide, from December 5 through 11 in celebration of Computer Science Education Week. Among the […]

Why Sass is indespensible

On Carey Wodehouse writes about why SASS is an indispensable part of web developing. On her list of benefits to working with SASS are: Variables, less code, better responsive design, code snippets, more modularity and the power of nesting. Make your CSS even more modular—and easier to work with. The more complicated an app […]

Best Wireframing Tools

A nice article by Creative Bloq on the best wireframing tools out there. On the Freebee list: Penultimate, Pencil, Mockflow, Framebox, Hot glue And don’t forget… pen and paper Wireframing tools There’s nothing quicker than grabbing a pen and paper Yes. An actual pen. And some real made-from-wood paper. Okay, so these don’t allow you […]

Flip phone report – day 5

I am failing with this flip phone thing. I had a lengthy text conversation the other day and it nearly killed me with frustration. Today I had to register my child for something and I had no information on her, no doctor phone number, no student id, not even her emergency contacts. And I’m starting […]

Flip-Phone Report?—?Day Two

Today is the second full day without my smartphone. I felt lighter yesterday. I’ve been carrying around a tiny notebook in one pocket and my flip phone in another. I make copious lists and I felt like I would panic if I removed my ability to do this. One list I made was the things […]

Button Grand Opening

My friend Liz is opening a consignment shop for women and children on the corner of Rosa Parks and Interstate in North Portland, Oregon. She’s having an opening party this weekend! Come on down and check it out. Oh, and I designed the website and poster. button women’s and children’s consignment 6517 N Interstate Portland […]

Back to web developing

I’m broke. My credit card debt is growing. I want to go to France this summer so badly, I can’t stand the idea of missing it for another year. Juniper is old enough that I think she would have a great time on the property we stay at in caunes-minervois. I WILL make this happen. […]

Snow Leopard and Cisco Clean Access Agent

I’ve just been through a very rough day. I thought I’d post about it in the hopes of saving someone from a similar fate. I’ve been postponing updating my machine to Snow Leopard because I was worried it would break my work environment which would be very, very bad. But yesterday I had some time […]

How to Create Links for Social Networking Sites

There are many tools out there for sharing links with social networking sites like Twitter,, facebook and so on. The problem is, it seems they all use JavaScript. I started poking around to figure out how to easily generate my own links without the use of javascript. I needed to make links to be […]

apple 65 Pacific Rose yumness

Wow, what a great apple. I’d never seen this kind before. I found it at Safeway, and if an apple from Safeway can taste this good, imagine what it would taste like if it were actually fresh. Maybe it’s full of some sort of voodoo magic and so only tastes good when it’s been picked […]