Go Deep

Applying River Tips to Life Struggles “If you’re stuck in a hole, balling up and letting yourself go deep instead of fighting the water should help you flush out.” –Quote from Irene’s Kayaking Blog I used to raft quite a bit. Rafting is an interesting sport. Normally the term “swimming,” usually invokes images of happy […]

Backpacking analogy

I just had a thought that my working and studying and interviewing and all the things I’m doing to get back into tech is a lot like a really long backpacking trip through steep mountain passes. I think I am at the crest of whatever climb I am on, only to discover that the top of your […]

One week in

It’s been a little over a week of new resolutions. Things are going good. I’m eating *almost* vegan. I am still eating chicken stock. I had some brie. Oh, Saturday I had a hangover and had eggs and bacon :). I’ve still been putting milk in my coffee. Other than that, I’ve been doing really […]

Holiday shmoliday

You know things could improve in your world when your husband says he’s looking forward to the holidays being over. It might be the single sadness thing I’ve ever heard him say out loud. We usually love the holidays. It fills me with worry. Lots of positives this year and a few yucky negatives. Much […]

Not a movie

Though it may feel like it at times, sales my life is not a made for tv movie. There is no plot that needs following. Outcomes are not predetermined and my choices are exactly that, pharmacy MY choices. Feeling obligated is an emotion and not necessarily a call to action. I can take my time […]

Waiting and Wanting

My computer died. It’s totally dead. The hard drive is still there but it won’t boot, not even in unix mode. It’s dead. I am backing up the hard drive and am going to just wipe the drive clean and o a fresh install of everything. It’s going to take a long time. It involves […]

Deerhoof Meets Godard's Sympathy for the Devil

I just got back from picking up Jean-Luc Godard’s Sympathy for the Devil on DVD from the Multnomah Library (best library system, ever). I’ve been meaning to watch this for a while but it’s been hard to track down. It features lots of footage from Rolling Stones rehearsals and concerts intermixed with political footage and […]

Seattle Art in August at 3rd and Washington

We had a lovely weekend in Seattle and saw some great art. We just visited the huge art building at 3rd and Washington. All of the following were on view there. If I was having any doubts about painting being a potent enough medium, they are gone now. Such incredible work all over the place. […]