Painter’s Block

I couldn’t paint today. I actually unpainted. I started two paintings and then decided they were crap and painted over them. I decided I would go home directly from class and finish my paper (due Thursday) so that I could concentrate on painting all day tomorrow. I instead updated Indiegeek with lots of new reviews […]

Sparkanzoo photos

Here are photos of sparkanzoo last weekend. There’s a picture of me, Dave and, uh.. good ole what’s his face. I’m bad with names. Anyway, it’s second from the bottom. see pictures I have a new favorite food. grits, cooked in broth, a scrambled egg with diced green chilies, and salsa verde all wrapped up […]

not studying

Hi, I’m not studying for my test right now. I only have an hour and a half before class too, which means I’m screwed. I might have to leave painting class early to go and study before the test. I’m just not motivated. I want to veg. Yesterday was a long day. I gotta say, […]

Holy crap

Today was so fricken busy. I had a 13 hour day which involved lumber, oil paint, miter saws, hot wax, gorilla glue, Fed Ex, art stores, burritos and diet coke. I am now up to 15 paintings, almost ready to go for the Saturday sale. I think I’ve cleared the city of all small D […]

Boy oh boy, busy busy

Hi, Last night was my last class for Children’s Book Illustration. Last night after class I mounted the first 4 new encaustic paintings on craddles. Today I woke up, worked on more craddles, went to Builder’s Supply to pick up some hanging hardware, then went off to the studio to work on more encaustics. At […]

Big Basin here we come

Well, today we head off to Big Basin for a couple of days of relaxation. I am so stressed with so much to do but I’m really glad we are taking off for a quick break. Last night I got all our camping gear out and even made some potato asparagus salad. This afternoon I […]

The Auction

Last night’s auction went really well. They had a great turnout. Nearly every piece of art was auctioned off. One piece that wasn’t, was one I really wanted but couldn’t afford. We looked at some of the paintings of Red Ink Studios painters. Really amazing stuff. One guy’s work, Michael(?) Elliman was just increadible. Very […]


Here’s another painting I’m working on. It’s 16″ x 20″. The dinosaur painting from yesterday is 30″ x 40″. I don’t feel like leaving the house today. I have so much to do before the April 23rd Sparkanzoo Sale so I need to motor. But I’m tired and my allergies are making me a little […]

I Heart Destroy

Tom sent me a link to this site where people can design t-shirts and they get voted on. If they are popular enough, they get made into real live t-shirts. Kinda like pinnochio. I instantly fell in love with a robot t-shirt that says “I heart destroy.” So I guess I’m now the proud […]

Hi, how are you?

Happy weekend time. Yesterday I painted 20 paintings at the same time. Neat huh? My art/craft sale thing is on the 23rd, not much time left. Next week I will be cranking away on these 20 paintings. Next Wednesday is the Artspan Auction at California Modern on Market between 6th and 7th. Are you going? […]

Save Toby the Bunny

Here is the beginning of a painting inspired by the website I call it “Wash up before dinner.” I saw this website last night and I just about fell on my face. The story goes: a man decided to ask for $50,000 by June 30th in exchange for sparing a very cute bunny’s life. […]

No more girls gone wild

I went out 4 days in a row. Pretty incredible for me. Now I feel awful and I don’t want to drink for a while. The duck in my liver is very angry. Friday I don’t think I did one thing I thought I was going to do, but still, I got lots done. I […]