Poster for our show

Poster for our show Originally uploaded by angrypirate. Today we hang our show at the abbey. I’m not ready, no one in, bur after we are all hung, we are going to have a nice, big dinner together. We are just hanging two pieces each. I have four, but none are finished. I will scramble […]


Spooky Originally uploaded by angrypirate. Van gogh lived and painted not too far from here and I can’t help thinking about that as I walk amongst the fields and cherry trees.

Notre dame de cros

Notre dame de cros Originally uploaded by angrypirate. We did some plen air painting around a beautiful church. This is a fountain on the grounds. I’ve been really enjoying doing watercolors in my book. –alanna

Finally cut the ribbon

I have a very nice sketchbook. I bought it almost a year ago and it is so nice, I haven’t been able to make a single mark in it. I want to make sure that on my trip, I do lots and lots of watercolor studies in it. I’m afraid that even when I get […]

Selections at the LIMN Gallery tomorrow

Don’t forget people, the opening for Selections is tomorrow night at the LIMN gallery. I’m super excited and they didn’t even pick me! You should be excited too because my former studio mate, Karen Olsen-Dunn is in the show and my friend Joe Hayes is playing in his band. My dear friend Michelle Wilcove was […]

Tuning the Pirate

I played around with the layout for a little bit today. Added some nice photos in the masthead and made it a little more consistant with this here blog. I even added a masthead to indiegeek as I’ve decided I’m going to incorporate it into angrypirate someday. It’s probably just really confusing right now […]

Who’s the craziest person in town?

I am! I am! I just made this bag. No pattern, no nothing, just a $5 remnant of demin, some nylon straps, a 36″ heavy duty zipper, a couple D rings and some sewing. I even added one of my cool tags just to be really impressive. I think it’s over sewn, Can you […]

Unstretched canvases

I’m getting a little carried away maybe. I started gessoing my “scrap” canvas and discovered I had enough for 4 decent sized canvases, plus three around 18″ x 24″ and two smaller ones. I have visions of oil paint and embroidery floss. This stack, when rolled up around a wrapping paper tube, is quite bulky. […]

Fresh Paint – Piedmont Lane Gallery

Fresh Paint 4121 Piedmont Ave – Oakland, CA 94611 – Phone: 510-654-4706 Tonight in Oakland, my teacher, Larry Robinson and many fellow Oakdale painters will be having their opening reception at the Piedmont Lane Gallery from 5-11pm. See you there? Massoud Abolhoda Suzanne Albertson Jerry Baer Laura Basha Joelle Benvenuto Holly Cook Alex da Silva […]

Selections 2005 next Thursday!

Mark your calendars! My friend, Joe Hayes will be playing in his Bossa Nova band, Bossa Five-O. Karen-Olsen Dunn, ex-Oakdale painter and partner in my show last year at the Lola Gallery will be exhibiting. This was organized by my dear friend Michelle Wilcove. Details… Please join us for the opening reception of Selections 2005 […]


Yesterday I worked all day and at the end of the day, felt like I had accomplished very little. So to make myself feel better, here’s a list of what I did: – worked for ArtSpan a few hours – wrote an artist statement for the new encaustics, compiled a folder of digital images of […]

and how about my sketchbox easel?

I bought a french beachwood, full drawer sketchbox easel from last semester. Turns out, I don’t really want it. I can’t take it on my scooter, it’s too big for our apartment, and well, it’s just taking up room. Do you want it? I’ll sell it to you for $40. I only used it […]

A Different Kind of Painting

I got a new dresser this week and yesterday I painted it. It’s a dark purple underneath with thin layers of light purple and creamy yellow on top. I now have a little more room to stash stuff away from site. I am hoping this will finally eliminate my “mystery pile” that always accumulates next […]