The latest studio photos

This is funny. Either my camera was set wrong or the colors in the squid and whale painting are so bright it freaked out my camera. The image is all dithered and strange. Its a bright painting. This is the biggie 48″ x 60.” Still more to go. More work on the little fishies and […]

Portrait of me!

Yesterday Leeann came to my studio and took some portraits of me. Here’s one and here’s another one. Now I can say that I had my photo taken by a world renowned photographer. The part I like best about the first one is the swirl of the squid’s tentacles next to the swirl of my […]

The vanity bone

I’m having my portrait taken tomorrow by LeeAnn. I’m so nervous. My one, singular vanity bone, the one that’s been hiding under 20 pounds of fat for several years has come out and is doing some major overhauling today. I dyed my hair and bleached my teeth and trimmed hairs. I tried to come up […]


Quickly, let me catch you up to date. A few days ago, I decided I’d sketch something on a scrap of paper every Friday and leave it in a random place for a stranger to find. It gets me in the habit of doing more sketches and is an exercize in gift giving to total […]

A Gorilla Declaration!

I hereby declare, advice on this 3rd day of august, healing 4:20pm, drug in the year of our Lord 2005, that I, Alanna Spence shall begin a great quest of sharing with strangers. For each Friday of the year, I shall inscribe upon 1 scrap of paper, a note or sketch of curious details and […]

Henry Darger and Sea Monsters

I just saw a show on KQED about Henry Darger. It made me want to sketch so I tackled one of my favorite subjects. Lucky for me, diagnosis yesterday I treated myself to a new mechanical pencil just like the one I lost two semesters ago that I loved so much. If you want a […]

A photoshop journal?

Maybe I’ll start a Photoshop Journal. I accidentally created this last night nearing 2am. Or maybe I won’t. You’ll just have to waiit and see. I finished my deadline very later last night and slept in til 11:30 today. I feel like I got hit by a truck. I feel very relieved to be done […]

Someone Took Adele’s Bikini Top!

Oh no! Last night someone stole Adele Shaw’s Bikini Top right off her “Hearts in San Francisco” exhibit on 19th Ave near SF State. She wants it back! Any leads, email Adele. So sad! Bring back the bikini! Adele’s Public Art Page

about bad paintings

I probably shouldn’t talk badly about a painting I hope to sell, but still, it’s my journal and I need to write about these things. This is an encaustic painting I did today when I had no plan. Sometimes I have to paint a bad painting just to try and figure out what makes it […]

My New favorite craft website

I wanna play with crafts! I don’t wanna sit in front of a computer all day! Waaaa! Where’s all my millions of dollars so I can do whatever I feel like whenever I feel like it? A Month of Softies Craft project on Loobylu.

Ring Lost, Ring Found

Today I painted first thing in the morning. It feels good to be back at the studio. I miss Larry. I hope I can take a class from him in the Fall. Just so I have some time set aside to paint. Otherwise, I might not paint at all, with all my classes. I could […]


The beginnings of my giant squid and sperm whale painting. Its giant. 48″ x 60″. I finally gave up on that second painting of kobe the dog. Sorry aretoula! This one’s exciting as all hell to me.

Delacroix’s house

Delacroix’s house Originally uploaded by angrypirate. The modern art museum was closed! All I found were guys shooting up on the steps, broken beer bottles, and skateboarders. Maybe it was an installation piece. I am sitting in the garden of Delacroix’s last studio. Inside I found Death of Sardanapolis, by Vuillard? Wow I have a […]


D’orsay Originally uploaded by angrypirate. Its the middle of the afternoon on a sunday and its pouring rain and thundering outside. Needless to say, it is really crowded in the musee d’orsay. Still I’m having a pretty spectacular time. I realise I am now a very big fan of Gauguin. He never did anything for […]

The louvre

The louvre Originally uploaded by angrypirate. I’m at the louvre. Its pretty cool even though its a sunday and its crazy crowded. I think I will come back right when they open to see the mona lisa.

Snake eating bird

Snake eating bird Originally uploaded by angrypirate. My latest painting of the snake eating the baby bird. I kinda like it. Too bad it’s too wet to hang in today’s show.