Questions from a student

A student from a part term at PSU asked me a few questions about web design vs web development. I thought I’d share!Here’s my response to their questions: Hi Alanna!I hope you are doing well during all of this craziness!I am trying to pursue web design a bit more, and there is so much to […]

Portland Resources for Covid-19

The following is a random assortment of resources for people in Portland Struggling from various challenges posed by Covid-19 and it’s impact on life. Small Business and Non Profit Resources one is only open until April 1, and you get cash in hand by next Friday. Wowza. Our senator has a great list of resources […]

Ceti Constellations

I’ve been helping get up and running by helping get a website up and helping with organization tasks. It’s been such an honor to work with Nandini and her crew and I hope it continues forever and ever! We’re organizing a bunch of creatives, scientists, mathematicians and like-minded people to build fun projects for […]

Gratitude – Depression

I’ve noticed my depression and fatigue coming back as well as some TMJ. And things are hard. So gratitude is in order I am so very grateful for my husband to hear me say in a very clinical way “I am exhibiting signs of depression, and this frustrates me.” and for him to just listen, […]