Boy oh boy, busy busy

Hi, Last night was my last class for Children’s Book Illustration. Last night after class I mounted the first 4 new encaustic paintings on craddles. Today I woke up, worked on more craddles, went to Builder’s Supply to pick up some hanging hardware, then went off to the studio to work on more encaustics. At 1 I went to painting class and worked on more oil paintings for my ten painting series, then came home, mounted 4 more encaustics on craddles and started installing the hanging hardware. I sent out more art spam (sorry!) for this Saturdayy’s Sparkanzoo sale. For the rest of the night, I’ve got to study for my Western Civ test this Thursday. Tomorrow, more encaustic paintings and more studying. Phew! Am I going to make it by Saturday? I’ve got 8 paintings ready to sell. I’d like to have 20 by Saturday. OK, time to study.